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In July, over one hundred of the brightest students from all backgrounds and areas in Norfolk will come together in order to help better their chances of successfully applying to the very best universities. Through a series of subject tutorials, interview advice, personal statement workshops, mock interviews and talks about the application process, the Norfolk Summer School gives its students all they need to apply to some of the country’s top universities. 


The Summer School, which will run in July 2024, aims to cater for a wide range of subjects, including those subjects which might not be studied at A level. The subject tutorials, conducted by a dedicated member of teaching staff and often helped by a current university student, aim to give students a taste for the type of teaching provided at university, whilst furthering their understanding of the subject in advance of their university interviews. Mock interviews and personal statement advice are also provided.

With the support of Norwich School and private local benefactors, the programme aims to help students considering Oxbridge, other academically demanding universities and medical schools to understand the application process better. This year promises to be a great year for Norfolk Summer School. 


The Norfolk Summer School is open to students aged 16-17 years hoping to apply for university and costs £45 per place. The timetable for the week aims to provide a balance between work concentrating on the chosen subject of study and a variety of other sessions designed to equip students with a wide range of skills. 

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